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Fashion show 3D - Dress Up Game for Girls




🍀Version 1.5🍀

Please click the Version  above to download Fashion show 3D or you could go to Google play store to download there.

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Dress up game for girls in 3D - be a Fashion designer for stylish Barbie Doll

Fashion Show 3D; An Ultimate Girl’s Game
Do your little princesses like to play dress up? Do they use their Barbie doll and play fashion designer? This is a game for girls that is free to play, that your little fashion diva will enjoy immensely.
If your little one is a stylish girl, who has dreams of being the next fashion designer or supermodel, tell her “Your style is important”. This game will allow her to use her imagination and become an amazing fashion designer.
The game Fashion Show 3D is one of the greatest games for girls. This fashion game allows you to choose clothing to dress up the models in a way that shows your style. If your princesses like Barbies, this is the next best thing. As a virtual option, you will get to enjoy dressing up the model to walk the runway with a variety of accessories. Choose from dresses, pants, t-shirts, high heels, and more. You can also choose from a male and female model, ensuring that there are plenty of fashion choices. Yes, the choices of playing dress up are many in this game that allows full imagination in design.
Your model will not only walk on the runway, but she will also be one of many supermodels. Your little fashion designer is given many options to create outfits, hairstyles and looks for each of her supermodels.
This game for girls will help them learn about color coordination, styles and what it is like to be a fashion designer. There is a limited amount of games that allow girls to show their creativity. This great dress up game is not just a dress up game, it provides fun for hours. It’s so much more than dressing the models. You can update the hairstyles and snap photos of your finished looks. Her little supermodels will be the ideal of all fashion designers. The judges will, then, score you for your fashion. Can you make the cut and become a top fashionista? The more the little fashion diva plays, the more she will score points, this allows her to ‘buy’ more items. There is also an option to purchase points.
The great graphics help to add fun to the game. You’ll get to enjoy the sound of the runway as you dress up the models. Updates for new outfits will be made regularly. Future updates will also include different backgrounds for you to choose from. There are over 300 items in this game for girls. You can choose from so many different options that very seldom will there be any identical looks. The dress up game for girls updates regularly, so it will never get old. The continually added items range from hairstyles to high heels, from glasses to hats. The supermodels can wear glasses, t-shirts, and jeans. The little fashionista can choose to have any color of skin; from very pale to very tanned and everything in between.
Become a top fashionista today by downloading Fashion Show 3D. You’ll love all of the great features!

Features :
- 3D Game
- Good Graphic and sounds
- 200+ Customizable Items
- 3D Screenshot
- In app purchase score
- And many more

Download Fashion Show 3D and become a professional fashioner!!!

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